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Our Founder Steven Leon MS, PA-C is a dermatology physician assistant with 15 years of experience. He has worked with some of the top practices in Southern California. He is also a thought leader in his field with 16 nationally published articles. Including three about a new generation of compounded prescription wart removers and their amazing results.


The next generation of prescription wart removers is here!

Two Powerful FDA approved medications kill the wart, not your skin, and are safe enough for children of any age.

Within days you will see the wart start to turn white and die. With a cure rate of 95% in one to two weeks it is by far the fastest most effective wart remover on the market.


Dramatic results

“II was so glad to get rid of this wart. I could continue to do track during treatment and the wart was gone in two weeks. Freezing the wart didn’t work at all. The compound wart medication was fast and painless. Thank you for keeping me on the track!”

Katie G.Foot Wart Patient

I can’t tell you how happy I am that these warts are gone. I didn’t want to shake peoples hands and people didn’t want me to touch. I started keeping my hands in my pockets. Not anymore. Thank you so much!”

Robert S.Hand Wart Patient

“These warts were so embarrassing for my daughter. She was being teased at school. The treatment was really easy and it didn’t hurt. The freezing at the doctors office was terrible. I am so thankful the warts are gone!”

Andrea D.Hand Wart Patient

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