Who Are We?

FixWarts.com was begun in December 2019 by Board Certified Dermatologist Blake Galler MD and Steven Leon MS, PA-C and Medical Director

Steven Leon is a dermatology physician assistant with 15 years of experience and 17 nationally published articles.  He Currently practices at Dermatology and Laser Center of Simi Valley.  He is the leading authority of the use of prescription compounded medications for the treatment of warts and other skin conditions. 

Realizing that patients needed his expertise beyond the four walls of his office, he started FixWarts.com to do online consultations with patients suffering with Warts, Molluscum Contagiosum, Seborrheic Keratosis, and Dandruff.


Company Values

Patient education

We provide great patient education for conditions we treat and even other skin conditions we do not treat.  

Specialization and Expertise

By specializing in treating only a few things we continue to improve and refine our already highly effective treatments. 

Stopping the Spread of Infectious Disease

We offer student athletes free online skin checks to stop the spread of warts, molluscum and other infectious skin diseases.

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