How we Cured The Periungual (fingertip) Wart from Hell!


After an additional 5 days of treatment to destroy remaining wart.

After 5 days of treatment

2 weeks later dead white wart has fallen off but some wart still remains.

1 month later wart is completely gone and has not come back!

This patient is a truck drive who wears gloves most of the day, makes frequent stops to load and unload and also sweats a lot from his hands.  Beat up sweaty hands and definitely prone to warts.

The Patient’s left pinky is completely consumed by a wart and he has multiple warts around the nails and cuticles of other fingers.  He had seen multiple doctors for freezing which didn’t help and had these warts for two years.

Topical compounded medication is really the only way to treat some of his warts.  Surgical removal would be extremely painful and risk damaging and scarring the finger.

The smaller warts were killed with the first round (6 days) of treatment with the thicker warts mostly destroyed.  After waiting two weeks for the dead skin to fall off a second 6 day treatment was started which killed all the remaining warts!  A complete clearance of one of the worst cases of warts you will ever see with 11 applications of our medication.

The patient was in no pain and continued to work throughout treatment.  He was so embarrassed by his warts and now is no longer afraid for people to see his hands or to touch people.


I can’t tell you how happy I am that these warts are gone. I didn’t want to shake peoples hands and people didn’t want me to touch. I started keeping my hands in my pockets. Not any more. Thank you so much!

Patient MR