Track Athlete Continues to Train While Wart is Cured!


At two weeks treatment was stopped.

2 weeks after medication had stopped

This patient was a track athlete, and this wart was causing pain while walking and running.

In the before picture, the wart is black from the use of OTC wart remover for one month, which wasn’t working.  The patient had if frozen twice at her doctor’s office and had to miss several days of training due to the pain, and the wart never went away.

The patient used the compounded wart medication for two weeks, then stopped, and the wart wholly resolved. She missed no practices and experienced no pain. The skin can look slightly raised for a few weeks after treatment as it heals.

I was so glad to get rid of this wart. I could continue to do track during treatment and the wart was gone in two weeks. Freezing the wart didn’t work at all. The compound wart medication was fast and painless. Thank you for keeping me on the track!