Medication for Male Genital Warts

95% cure rate in 1 week • Virtually pain free • Private, Confidential and Secure • Online Consultation •No Doctors Visit Needed.


Our compounded medication has two powerful FDA approved prescription wart killing ingredients.  They cure 95% of warts in 1-2 weeks. Many times under 1 week for male genital warts. Click on the video below to learn more.  The medication is put on at night covering the entire wart and allowed to dry 10-15 minutes. Drying can be accelerated with a fan or a hair dryer on cool. Some burning in normal for 30-60 minutes and most people find it tolerable.  The stinging can be cut down by more than half using over the counter topical 20% benzocaine spray like this one on amazon if left on for about 20 minutes will make it tolerable for anyone.

The wart will slowly be shrink and flatten.  When your recommended number of treatment days is completed you will send a picture back to us and be advised whether you can stop treatment or how many days to continue for.  You will then be told when to send your next picture so we can evaluate if the wart is still there after the area has healed. 

With genital warts more so than regular warts new warts can always pop up even after you have treated old ones.  This would normally mean another appointment, several week wait time to go back to the doctor. If you have our compounded medication on hand, you can simply treat them as soon as they come up, and when they are small.  We are always available for online consultations, That’s it. No trips to the doctor and no strangers touching you! Just a safe prescription wart remover that really works!


Other Male Genital Wart Treatment

For the majority of my patients our compounded medications are the best treatment and the ones patients prefer and select most often.  Below are a list of the most common treatments for male genital warts you may be offered at your PCP or dermatologist along with pro’s and cons and some insights from my 15 years of experience treating them. As with any medical problem it pays to do your homework and know the pro’s and con’s of your different treatment options.  When you look at all the options you will see the clear advantages of your compounded medication and why most patients find them to be the right fit. 


As with regular warts freezing, this works little better than no treatment at all on average.  More aggressive freezing works better but this means more normal tissue is destroyed along with the wart tissue and healing time is longer.  This is not what you want in such a sensitive area. Spraying it with liquid nitrogen or using a q-tip dipped in liquid nitrogen is the most painful least effective but most common way to freeze genital warts.  The best tool to freeze genital warts is the Cryotweezers. With this great tool, which unfortunately is not used by most providers who treat genital warts, allows you to grasp the wart and freeze it solid with minimal damage to normal tissue. As a result it is not as painful. The are also other devices called probes which concentrate the liquid nitrogen as well. There is of course some pain as it heals. You can see the Cryotweezers being used to freeze skin tags in this video.  

Surgical Removal

This means you need to get a shot first and then the warts are destroyed, usually with an electric cautery.  This does in most cases destroy the entire wart so it has a low likelihood of growing back. Doctors by far prefer freezing because it is fast, there are no needles or explaining to patients that you are going to give them a shot, but freezing is definitely not as effective as surgical removal.  Most Dermatology offices have topical numbing cream. The male genitals and surrounding areas have very thin skin. This means topical numbing cream really works. Patient report minimal pain when you inject after use of numbing cream. Then the wart can be surgically removed painlessly. If you are headed to the doctors office and are afraid of the pain of surgery, freezing and shots do yourself a favor and take some otc 20% benzocaine with you and apply it 30 minutes before the visit.  Better safe than sorry.

Prescription topical medication

There are three prescription medications that are FDA approved for genital warts: Podophilox, Imiquimod and Veregen.  Veregen costs $1500 as is rarely covered by insurance. You would think for that price it would be very effective but it isn’t.  Their own study shows that after up to16 weeks of treatment 35% of patients who had no treatment (the placebo group) were clear of warts.  The people who used Veregen, 53% were clear of warts. So it does work better than placebo but not by a whole lot. Did I mention you apply it 3 times a day.  Podophilox and Imiquimod are applied 3 times a week so you may need a calendar to keep track of when you applied it and when you didn’t. Podophilox is the most irritating and slightly more effective than Imiquimod.  Ironically the newest most expensive medication Veregen is the least effective. Overall these medications are not very effective and you have to use them on difficult to follow schedules for at least a month and as long as three months.  Many patient stop due to the irritation caused by these medications. I rarely prescribe them because surgical removal with numbing medication, freezing with cryotweezers and especially compounded medications are superior because of their high cure rate and fast treatment times.