How To Turbocharge Your OTC Wart Treatment


Salicylic acid wart remover and otc wart freeze are the two types of Over The Counter treatments offered at most drug stores. They are inexpensive but have very low cure rates. The techniques we will teach you in this article can improve that low cure rate and raise the chance of getting rid of your wart!.

Studies show these OTC wart removers work little better than doing nothing at all. This information comes from Cochrane, researchers who specialize in reviewing previous studies to find out what really works. 

Looking To Get Rid of Your Warts Fast?

 We will give you some great tips to make inexpensive OTC wart treatments work better.  First, you must understand that these treatments are not highly effective, or fast. and not suitable for every type of wart. 

You can easily treat a wart for over a month and fail. Before you make a commitment to OTC treatment, you should know that there are two wart removal options that really work.

The Two Ways to Remove Your Wart Fast 

#1. Most Effective: Prescription Compounded wart remover with salicylic acid with 5-fluorouracil.

This is an excellent wart treatment option that is the best choice for most of our patients. It has a cure rate of 95% in 1-2 weeks.  America’s top compounding pharmacy NuCara Pharmacy created the original formula.

This case study shows how this medication worked on a severe finger wart. There are many more cases to view on our website.

We use the original formula and have developed multiple variations to provide custom wart treatment. It is safe enough to use on children and gentle enough to use on male genital warts. More details on this new generation of wart remover can be found on our website.

Wart Removal Now Available by Online Consultation

At fixwarts.com, we prescribe this amazing compounded medication every day by online consultation. We are a dermatologist, physician assistant team. Our peer-reviewed articles about this incredible medication have been published in trusted medical journals like Practical Dermatology Magazine and The Dermatologist.  We are the experts in its use.  

We treat hundreds of warts all over the country through online consultation.  Nobody treats more warts than we do! 

#2. Surgical Wart Removal

Some dermatologists and podiatrists perform wart removal surgery. It can be very effective but is not for everyone.  Don’t expect your primary care doctor to do this.  If you want to understand what is involved, check out these videos from youtube internet star The Toe Bro.

You are going to get a shot of numbing medication right underneath your wart to numb the area.  This is very painful. After numbing, you should experience no pain.  The wart is then removed by cutting or scraping. There is about a 20% chance that the wart will grow back.

Wart Removal Surgery is not for Everyone

Warts on the feet (plantar warts), warts on the hands, and warts on the fingers, warts on the face, and male genital warts are not the ideal candidates for surgical removal.  The more warts you have, the more shots you need.

Surgical wart removal makes the most sense if you have a limited number of warts in areas that aren’t very sensitive, for example, the trunk, arms, and legs.

Many people want to start treating warts with OTC wart removers because it is cheaper and they would prefer to do wart treatments themselves,  at home.  Here are some tips on how to make OTC wart removers more effective.

Our Technique to Turbocharge OTC Wart Removal

Which Warts Can Be Treated With OTC Wart Remover?

OTC wart removers should not be used as a genital wart treatment.  The genital area is just too sensitive.  The prescription compounded medications are ideal for male genital warts because they stay on the wart and do not irritate normal skin. 

Thick warts that are larger than a penny have a very low chance of success with OTC treatment.  They are simply growing too fast.

Do Not Treat Warts on Your Face!

Do not use otc wart freeze or salicylic acid wart remover on your face.  First of all, warts on the face look much different than warts on other areas of the body and need to be diagnosed by a dermatology professional.  Second, you don’t want to risk damaging your facial skin.  Leave this one to the professionals.

Success with OTC wart removers will take weeks to months and results are not guaranteed.  Wart Warriors, if you have decided that OTC treatment is right for you, let me introduce you to your weapons!

The Best OTC Wart Removal Plan

What makes the prescription compounded wart remover work so well is that it is a system.  Warts are tough, fast-growing viral tumors. You have to have a multifront treatment approach for successful wart removal.  

This treatment is to be used at night and washed off in the morning.  Do not skip days as it allows the fast-growing wart to grow back. Here is what you will need:

You need 40%, not 17% Salicylic Acid 

40% salicylic acid comes in two forms, a paste, and a pad or band-aid.  We recommend Wartstick 40% salicylic acid paste. However, it can easily spread to the surrounding skin, causing severe irritation.

Kill the Wart and Protect the Healthy Skin

Here is what you need to do to prevent that.  Get some liquid band-aid. There are brands like one available at most pharmacies.  This is a glue that is safe for the skin.  Apply it around, but not onto, the wart.  This will protect your normal skin.  Then apply the Wartstick after the liquid band-aid is completely dry.

Next, you need to apply waterproof tape.  We highly recommend 3m Blenderm tape. This is the same tape that is included in the compounded wart medication we prescribe.

This tape does two things.  It keeps the salicylic acid paste on the wart and it is waterproof.  This means it stops water loss from the skin.  This makes the skin softer as it swells with moisture and increases the penetration of the salicylic acid. Water is the best skin penetration enhancer.

Do this every night and in the morning wash the area and you can apply a band-aid and some vaseline.  If your normal skin is starting to look too white and waterlogged you can leave it open.

How to Remove the White Dead Wart

Now comes the fun part. After a few days of doing this, you will notice the white dead skin starting to form on the wart. This is a good sign. However, if the dead white wart isn’t removed, the salicylic acid will not be able to penetrate further.  Here is how to remove the white dead wart.

First, some disclaimers.  If it hurts stop.  If there is bleeding, stop.  Always disinfect your tools you are using.  Warts are contagious.

The Right Tools for the Job

You can remove the dead white wart with several different tools.  One of the most versatile is a cuticle pusher.  It has a pointy end, a scraping end, and a nail file all in one. 

Nail files and pumice stones can also be used but make sure to sterilize them after use.  When you are filing the dead wart down, stop when you start feeling pain.

After several weeks, you may begin to see bright red skin underneath.  That is the second layer of your skin, the dermis.  The wart only lives in the top layer.  They do not have roots.  You have two choices at this point.

The Final Steps

You can continue treating as you have been until the wart is gone and there is only the normal skin underneath.  The area should get more and more sensitive as the salicylic acid comes in contact with the healthy dermis.

Second, if you feel you are not having much success with the salicylic acid you can treat with an otc wart freeze.  Now that several layers of the dead wart are gone, the wart freeze off has a better chance of working.

Follow the instructions on the package and freeze away.  Give it a few weeks to heal. If you’ve religiously followed all the above recommendations, and the wart is still there then definitely seek professional treatment.


The technique outlined can definitely make OTC wart removers more effective.  Warts are so resistant to treatment because they are like tumors.  If you don’t destroy the entire thing they grow right back.  They are also fast-growing and protect themselves with a thick layer of dead skin.  

The compounded prescription wart removers that we prescribe at fixwarts.com are designed specifically to outsmart warts.  They break through the wart’s thick shell and destroy the entire wart.  Surgical removal can be very effective as well.

If you are suffering from warts don’t give up hope.  There are treatments that work!

Dr. Blake Galler is a board-certified dermatologist and medical director of FixWarts.com.  He was trained at Brooke Army Medical Center. After spending eight years in the Army, He now works as a dermatologist serving our veterans at the VA hospital in Anchorage Alaska

Steven Leon MS, PA-C, is the founder of FixWarts.com is a dermatology physician assistant with 15 years of experience and 17 nationally published articles He Currently practices at Dermatology and Laser Center of Simi Valley.  

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