FixWarts Prescription Molluscum Medications: The best way to treat your Molluscum

Three day treatment time.  Treat new lesions as soon as they come up.  No need for multiple doctors visits or painful treatments!

Whether in children, teens or adults these little bumps can be annoying, painful and last an average of 10 months. We’ve modified our Breakthrough Prescription Compounded Wart Medication to treat Molluscum Contagiosum. You can treat the molluscum bumps at home, in three days as soon as they come up. This means you don’t’ give them time to spread which allows you outbreak to resolve faster.

If you are reading this you are probably frustrated with your molluscum treatment. We know all the ways Molluscum Treatments can fail and we have designed ours to really work! We currently offering treating patients 8 years and older and are working on formulas for younger children.


4 Problems That Cause Molluscum Treatments to Fail and How FixWarts Solved Those Problems

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PROBLEM: My child has eczema and all the scratching keeps spreading the molluscum.

SOLUTION: Our compounded medications can be applied precisely to the molluscum lesion causing minimum damage to the normal skin. We are also experts on treating eczema and will prescribe medications to control the eczema as well.

PROBLEM: The molluscum treatment from my doctor is painful and takes over a week to heal. It seems like the treatment is worse than than the disease!

SOLUTION: Our compounded medications are made with a patented quick drying medical glue and can be applied precisely to the molluscum lesion causing minimum damage to the normal skin.  Healing is fast and the treatment definitely isn’t worse than the disease!

PROBLEM: My son’s molluscum lesions start out small but get large, red and painful. The pediatrician said they were infected but the antibiotics don’t help and he keeps getting more.

SOLUTION: Some peoples bodies can vigorously attack the molluscum causing a painful red bumps that look infected but are not. Using our compounded medications to treat the molluscum as soon as it comes up, it is destroyed before this happens

PROBLEM: I contracted molluscum sexually. I don’t want to spread it to my partner but also don’t want to wait months or years to have sex. What do I do?

SOLUTION:  Unlike HPV, molluscum has no potential to cause cancer and is simply a nuisance.  If you have no molluscum lesions present you are considered non-contageous. With our compounded medications, you can kill all your current molluscum lesions in around three days.  Inspect yourself closely every few days and treat new lesions as they come up. By having little to no mollusum present you are greatly reducing spreading it to your partner.


My immune system must be weak for me to get molluscum. What can I do to strengthen it?

Getting molluscum doesn’t mean you have a weak immune system.  Our bodies are constantly under attack by microbes and sometimes the microbes win.  If you are constantly getting sick, and have infections that don’t heal and you get molluscum then you should see your doctor to investigate the state of your immune system.

Can Molluscum spread through water?

When kids are in water, they have a lot of exposed skin and they are touching each other and playing.  We know Molluscum can spread in those situations. Whether it actually spreads through the water, or perhaps the skin gets softer and the Molluscum lesions release more virus in addition to skin to skin contact is unknown

I contracted Molluscum sexually, when can I have sex again and not spread it?

Luckily molluscum does not cause cancer like genital warts (HPV) can.  They are simply a nuisance. When you have had no more visible lesions for 2-4 weeks you are considered non-contagious

What is the incubation period of molluscum contagiosum?

The period between exposure and the first bumps appearing can range from one week to six months.

Should children stay home from school if they have molluscum?

No but your school or day care may ask you for a doctors note just to make sure your child doesn’t have something worse.  It is safe for school children to attend school when the bumps are all covered to minimize spreading. The molluscum bumps can be covered by clothing or an adhesive watertight bandage.

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