Right Knee Before

Right Knee After

Left Knee Before

Left Knee After

Patient was a 10 year old girl who had been suffering from molluscum for 6 months on her elbows and knees.  She went to an online Dermatologist who prescribed a medication that cost $300 and of course could not afford it.  With only three days treating the large lesions they flattened and disappeared.  She was instructed to also treat the small lesions and to inspect herself daily to treat lesions early before they can spread.


My doctor used a blistering liquid to burn my sons wart off but it only made it spread. I got on the internet and found The wart medication got rid of it in only seven days and it wasn’t painful for my 7 year old. Three months later and it hasn’t come back. Now he’s not hiding his arm in a long sleeve shirt anymore!

M.T, son aged 7