What to Expect at the Doctors office

It is quite common for pediatricians to recommend that you wait for it to go away on its own.  If you want treatment, you may have to push back hard. Mentioning any of the factors listed above usually will convince your pediatrician to treat the molluscum.  If you are getting molluscum treatment at the doctor’s like curettage, cantharidin (Beetlejuice), or freezing, you typically come back every three to four weeks.

So imagine the following: Taking time off work or school every three to for weeks for 3- 6 months (this is the average number of times I see my molluscum patient)  Between visits, new lesions are popping up while lesions that were just treated are healing. The next visit comes, more time off work and school, another physical/destructive treatment that your child may or may not tolerate well. The treated lesions will probably die but new lesions occur.  Then you have to wait weeks to go back to the doctors, and the cycle repeats.  A lot of healing time, time off work and school, and a lot of time with lesions waiting to be treated.  It is far from ideal.

Fixwarts.com compounded prescription medication: An ideal treatment for Molluscum.

Our medications allow you to get rid of molluscum lesions fast, as soon as they come up, while they are small, and in the comfort of your own home.  Not trips to the doctors office, no painful treatments with long healing times. It is truly a superior way to treat molluscum. During the length of your molluscum outbreak you can treat lesions as soon as they come up and destroy them quickly so you will have very few lesions on your body and decrease the risk of spreading them to yourself and others.

Unlike other topical medications, our compounded medicine doesn’t just irritate the lesion it actually penetrates it and kills the molluscum lesion.  It’s patented medical glue keeps the medication on the molluscum lesion and off normal skin. If a patient is so young that they won’t hold still while the medication dries a band aid can be placed over it before it is dry.  With this method there will be more irritation to normal skin but it is still tolerable. OTC topical numbing medication can be used at any stage of the treatment as needed. If you child is under 5 and the lesions are in very sensitive areas like the face, neck and armpits our medications may not be tolerable, especially if they have a low pain tolerance.  We will discuss this on a case by case basis with you. If we decide that our medications are not a good fit for your child’s molluscum, your credit card will not be charged.

For adults topical numbing medication is recommended 30 minutes before application in sensitive areas like the groin and inner thighs especially if you have a low pain tolerance.  Because molluscum lesions aren’t protected by thick layers of dead skin like warts have. Treatment time is 2-4 days and treatment can be stopped when the lesion has ruptured or is flat.