A Prescription Wart Remover That Works Because it’s Designed to get to the Root of the Wart!

  • Patented formula penetrates to the root of the wart.

  • The targeted medication kills the wart, not your skin.

  • 95% cure rate in 1-2 weeks. Safe and virtually pain-free!


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Made by america’s top compounding pharmacy NuCara Pharmacy. $89 free shipping!  (Covered by some insurance.  Ask pharmacist for details)

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Below is a 5 minute training video.  Applying our medication is easy as applying normal glue!


  Or wart removers have two medications and a patented medical glue.  A powerful safe and effective wart remover great for children and adults!  It cures 95% of warts in just one to two weeks! Read below to find out how it works!


  • Stays on the Wart: patented medical clue keeps the powerful medication on your wart so i won’t irritate the surrounding skin.  This is why it virtually pain free, and safe even for children.

  • Kills the Wart not you Skin: Fluorouracil kills the fast growing wart cells much quicker than normal skin.  It’s a smart bomb for warts!

  • Low Risk of Scarring: It strong enough to kill the wart but not strong enough to scar the skin.

  • Sustained release:  Medications is slowly released over 8 hours for a sustained attack on your wart. 

Read our peer-reviewed journal articles about these amazing medications.  Real medicine, real science, real results!