After 5 Days of treatment.  Warts are peeling off.

After 9 days of treatment most warts are gone Warts that are still present are marked with a blue dot.

This patient has over 40 warts! She even had a few on the other hand.  Her last dermatologist told her to wait for them to go away on their own. That was 2 years ago! These are called Palmar warts. Treatment on the palm is very difficult due to how sensitive this area is. Surgical removal or freezing leaves painful sores that take weeks to heal.  During the healing, it would be difficult for a patient like this to use her hand.  This is why a treatment that kills the wart while barely harming normal skin is crucial for palmar wart patients.  After 9 days of our topical compounded medications, the warts are dead and peeling off. The third picture was taken 5 days after the second.  Only a few of the warts still needed more treatment and most had resolved.  The patient reported only minor discomfort towards the end of treatment.