Steven Leon MS, PA-C is a dermatology physician assistant with 15 years experience and 17 nationally published articles.  He Currently practices at Dermatology and Laser center of Simi Valley He has  the distinction of being the only Physician Assistant alongside 35 dermatologists on the editorial board of Practical Dermatology magazine.

Below are Steven Leon MS, PA-C three peer reviewed articles on the use of our breakthrough compounded medications!

Stevens’ passion for medical dermatology led him to practice in some of the most undeserved and most remote areas of southern California including Bakersfield, Ridgecrest (the last town before Death Valley), Bishop and the High Desert. 

Due to Dermatologist shortages and 3 month wait times in these remote areas, patients skin problems were much more advanced than Steven had ever seen in suburban Los Angeles.  These severe skin conditions needed to be cured fast to make room for all the other people waiting to see him. This pressure drove Stevens relentless pursuit for more effective, faster treatments. As he found ways to get patients better faster he shared his findings with his peers through his articles in Practical Dermatology Magazine. 

In 2016 he started a new job where half of his patients were children and teens.  They had more warts and worse warts than he had ever seen before.  Despite his best efforts it became painfully obvious that existing wart treatments were failing his patients. His only option was to find a new treatment.

Steven worked with a compounding pharmacy with years of expertise in making wart removers.  The results were amazing, a wart remover with a 95% cure rate in just one to two weeks and it was safe enough to use in children.  He co-authored the first two articles about this new generation of wart removers with dermatologist Gene Rubinstein MD. These widely read articles established the protocols for treating warts and seborrheic keratosis with these highly effective compounded medications.

He routinely would receive emails and texts with pictures of warts and other skin conditions from family, friends and other medical providers.  He discovered he could successfully treat patients by seeing just a few pictures. It was then he got the idea to start  Through the convenience of telemedicine,  warts, acne and most skin conditions through online consultations, saving patients time and money.