Before: The center was the original wart.  After treatment at the doctors office the wart spread!

Treated Area Becomes Crusty as it Dies (day 5)

10 Days of Treatment. Wart is gone. Darkness after treatment is normal.

3 Months Later, Darkness has resolved and wart has not returned.

This is the wart of an 8 year old boy after treatment using the cantharidin blistering liquid at the pediatrician. Originally  it was a solid wart about half the size that you see now and the treatment with cantharidin spread the wart in a phenomenon called a “wart ring”.  The cantharidin destroys not only the skin you put it on but the blistering reaction affects the surrounding skin.  The wart which is not completely destroyed spreads into the damaged skin forming a ring.

Because our compounded medications dry and stay on the wart and do not damage the surrounding tissue and wart ring reactions don’t happen.

This wart was cured after 10 days of treatment.  Because the patient has darker skin, the treated area becomes darker from the treatment.  This is caused post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  The body makes extra pigment to act as a natural sunscreen and protect the area while it heals.  It is temporary and takes an average of 3-6 months for the skin color to completely turn back to normal.

The mother reported that the treatment caused only minor discomfort to her child towards the end of the treatment.


My doctor used a blistering liquid to burn my sons wart off but it only made it spread. I got on the internet and found The wart medication got rid of it in only seven days and it wasn’t painful for my 7 year old. Three months later and it hasn’t come back. Now he’s not hiding his arm in a long sleeve shirt anymore!

M.T, son aged 7