Male Genital Warts

Genital warts are caused by the HPV.  There are 200 strains with 40 having the ability to infect the genital area, anus, mouth and throat.  A few of those 40 strains can cause genital cancer, It is uncommon that these genital strains can be transferred to other areas of the body areas.

Vaginal warts are the cause of cervical cancer which is why women are get Pap smears, for early detection.  Anal warts can cause anal cancer, especially in HIV positive individuals. Lastly genital warts can lead to cancer of the penis.  It is rare with only two thousand cases per yer in the US.  Only 40% of those cases have a history of HPV. Smoking, and not being circumcised are the two other main factors.  This page is devoted to male genital warts (front side), not anal warts and not genital warts in females.  This is because our compounded topical medications are a great treatment option for male genital warts.

About Male Genital Warts

Genital warts on the penis, groin and testes of males can be spread even if you have a condom because it doesn’t cover your groin which is a very common place for male genital warts.

Don’t feel embarrassed, ashamed or stigmatized.  Most sexually active people have come in contact with the HPV virus.  We know this because we can test for the antibodies for HPV and have found  that over 70% of sexually active adults have those antibodies which indicated past contact with the HPV virus.   Most people’s immune system kills it off before they develop genital warts and some don’t. If you have had the HPV vaccine (it first started to be used in 2006) it is considered 90% effective so there is still some chance you can get genital warts after vaccination.

What many people find embarrassing is going to the doctor for treatment.  The reasons are obvious. From the front and back office asking what you are being seen for, the fear of judgement, and last but not least having a total stranger look at and handle your genitals.  The thought of any type of injection, burning, freezing or acid applied to your warts will make even the toughest man apprehensive.

Don’t put off treatment for your own sake and that of your partner.  Now you can be diagnosed and treated by online consultation.  Your picture will be kept secure on our HIPPA compliant encrypted server.  Male genital warts are very distinctive looking and easy to diagnose by with just a few pictures.  Your case will be managed by Steven Leon MS, PA-C who has 15 years experience and has treated thousands of genital warts.  You will receive a response in 48 hours and your medication will arrive 2-4 days afterwards. The average treatment time is 5- 7 days (lower than other types of warts as genital warts are thinner).  Compare this fast diagnosis and cure with the average wait time to see a dermatologist being 56 days.