Male Genital Warts

Molluscum Contagiosum

Have a wart, skin tag, or growth? Personalized, effective treatment is just minutes away!

After years of serving dermatology patients in California and nationwide, Steven Leon, MS, PA-C got tired of the poor results today’s wart treatments were producing.  So, he coordinated with a doctor to create a potent, custom-tailored growth-removing topical that truly works!

Steven Leon, MS, PA-C and his partner are the two-man team behind the innovative solutions at Fixwarts.com. Together, they have created a patented formula that resolves warts and other unwanted growths in only two weeks (or less!).

The team behind Fixwarts.com believes that you and your children shouldn’t have to spend weeks and months waiting for your warts to go away with freezing or ineffective topicals. Their special formulation is not only effective and customized to your needs, the medication is also safe for children and gentle on skin. 

Before & After 8 Days of FixWarts Treatment